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IQue window film

A clear glass house of 100 square metres, coated with IQue advanced energy-saving film, can achieve savings of 10,600 kW of electricity per year or a reduction of 9,500 kg of carbon dioxide emissions. IQue window film is an ideal solution for architects, building project managers, and business and home owners who believe in daylight harvesting – making buildings and homes visually appealing, environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

IQue 53 Generation II (IQue 53GII) is the first clear and spectrally selective product to achieve an infra-red rejection of 96 percent while giving an absolute balance of lighting and heat control for effective luminous efficacy. The ten-layer stack film is capable of blocking up to 70 percent of the heat penetrating the window, resulting in a temperature reduction of up to five to eight degrees Celsius. Most importantly, IQue can achieve tremendous energy savings and make a big difference for the environment.