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Low-energy Merlino compact floodlights are designed in Italy by Lorenzo Gecchilin for Ivela.

Merlino series by Ivela

Designed by Lorenzo Gecchilin and manufactured in Milan by Ivela, the Merlino series is a collection of compact floodlights, available in a wide range of lamp types including miniaturized, high-output 20/35 W metal halide. The small design of the Merlino allows it to become a harmonious part of its surroundings with maximum impact.

Merlino is available in track- and surface-mounted options and is adjustable up to 350 degrees around its head. It utilizes low-energy electronic control gear and has photometrics available.

Ivela creates with a focus on technical, architectural forms, high quality and innovative ideas. Merlino is available exclusively from Studio Italia, and is an ideal option for retail, gallery and commercial applications.