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The MPs-325 heat pump fits neatly into tight corners, making it an ideal heat pump for townhouses.

Rheem MPs – 325 heat pump for tight spaces

The new Rheem MPs-325 mains pressure split heat pump incorporates a clever split-system design and Rheem’s whisper-quiet technology. The MPs-325 heat pump can be installed in an array of locations. The split system allows the heat pump module and water tank to be located separately, distanced by up to four metres, making it perfect for tight outdoor passageways or small courtyards.

When locating the tank internally, the heat pump module can be conveniently tucked away outside or wall-mounted (wall brackets are included as standard). This means it’s an ideal solar solution for townhouses and units where outdoor space is limited.

In addition, unlike other split-system heat pumps on the market, the new MPs-325 is plumber-friendly, as water, not refrigerant, flows between the tank and module. This means home owners don’t need a refrigeration mechanic to install the heat pump – a plumber can handle it.