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Shallow-mount footings for bollards

Leda’s R&D and design teams set out to engineer a footing system for bollards that would spread, absorb and dissipate the kinetic energy loads of a vehicle impact. Results obtained from recent successful vehicle impact testing in the UK was crucial in developing the new shallow-mount footings.

“Our new shallow mount bollard footings allow us to install security bollards in less than 200 mm deep footings and are designed to cater for a range of vehicle impact loadings,” says chairman David Matthews.

Leda’s new shallow-mount footings incorporate a multitude of design improvements over conventional concrete footings and, most importantly, can help reduce project costs. Installing high-security bollards and barrier systems normally involves excavating and pouring large, deep concrete footings to match the impact resistance ratings of the bollards.

Excavating these large footings can be extremely difficult, particularly when attempting to retrofit these systems to existing high-profile sites. In many instances, excavation means hand-digging around existing services, which is slow, time consuming and expensive. In many other instances it is impossible to obtain the required depth.