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This designer toilet pan is matched with the Geberit Sigma50 push-plate collection.

The Sigma push-plate range

Reliable products on the wall are as important as the products in the wall. This is why Geberit developed the Sigma50 push-plate – a range of quality flushing plates for Geberit concealed cisterns.

On a quality sanitary installation, the only thing you will see is the toilet pan and the push-plate. This is why it’s important to install a designer push-plate. Any approved toilet pan brand and type will fit the Sigma50 push-plate, which comes in several different colours and finishes to allow for customization, letting designers create an individual bathroom scheme.

As well as the Sigma50 push-plate, Geberit manufactures a concealed cistern range. Recognized in Australia for its quality and reliability, it has become one of the favourite in-wall installations for WCs. It will fit any approved brand of toilet pan and works seamlessly with the Sigma50 push-plate.