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Ideal for car parks, the WE-EF SB1844 with hydroformed reflector casts a square-shaped light.

WE-EF SBI844 luminaire

The one-piece hydroformed reflector of this canopy-mounted SB1844 luminaire gives the light a square distribution. This makes it ideal for the illumination of loading docks, entrances and car parks.

The WE-EF SB1844 is designed as an energy-efficient white light solution, incorporating the latest in electronic control gear and high-efficiency ceramic metal halide technology. It is also available with the new energy-efficient Cosmopolis lamp from Philips.

Like all WE-EF products, the SBI844 is a high-efficiency, quality product designed specifically for exterior applications. It is constructed from marine-grade aluminium and features WE-EF’s 5CE corrosion protection system and IOS Innovative Optical System.