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Inspired by iconic Japanese chequerboard patterns.

Sleek Dent Cube cladding from Inax is made from 50% recycled material.

Dent Cube cladding by Inax

One of Japan’s largest ceramic manufacturers, Inax is renowned for the Japanese artisans who craft its products. The company has introduced the new Inax Dent Cube cladding design, now available from Artedomus.

The design that inspired Dent Cube is called ichimatsu in Japan, from the European chequered flag. In Japan, ichimatsu was first used in clothing design and then became popular in architecture. Katsura Detached Palace in Kyoto, Japan, praised by German architect Bruno Taut, is a popular architectural icon that makes use of the ichimatsu design.

Inax ceramics use recycled materials when possible. Dent Cube cladding is made from 50% recycled content.