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One momentary touch of a button activates many functions of the Eurostar lift by Master Lifts.

Eurostar low-rise lifts

Budget-priced lifts that comply with BCA E3.6 and the lift code are now being made in Australia. Master Lifts’ range of Eurostar low-rise lifts have a host of features including a 1,100 mm × 1,400 mm car, an electronic entrance-guarding system and a protective arm that automatically rises as the ramp lowers. Models in the Eurostar range also include dual handrails, braille and tactile buttons and a standard travel of 1,000 mm. Additional models offer increased travel heights.

Most importantly, all lift functions are fully automatic. One momentary touch of a button does it all: lowering and raising the ramp, elevating the lift and opening and closing the gate. Another touch reverses the process.