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The Alchemy collection.

The Vibrant collection.

PGH’s Alchemy and Vibrant bricks

In line with new architectural trends, PGH Bricks & Pavers, one of Australia’s largest and most innovative brick makers, has introduced four new brick collections. For many reasons including sustainability, durability and thermal mass, face brick remains a preferred building material for new homes and renovations. However, these four new collections present a dramatic new perspective on the humble brick. These bricks are able to capture personality, a sense of style and fashion within the facade of a home.

The Alchemy collection consists of three products with remarkable metal-like finishes. There is the industrial look of Pewter, the sparkle of Glamour and the luxury of Molten Gold. The shimmering appearance and wire-cut texture of these bricks allows them to subtly change colour depending on how the light hits their exterior surface.

The Vibrant collection stands out for its palette of fun and funky colours, creating new possibilities for how bricks are used. Finished with a full ceramic glaze, these bricks are perfect for internal or external use. The collection consists of seven vital colours: Cosmic, Fizz, Paris, Wasabi, Rhapsody, Tango and Watermelon. Try a high-gloss wall of a single colour, or create an eye-catching mosaic by using a combination of them all.