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Roof Rack insulation spacers

In 2006, the Building Code of Australia was updated with energyefficiency provisions for conditioned commercial buildings, including deemed-to-satisfy insulation levels.

To achieve these Part J requirements, Fletcher Insulation recommends the use of 130 mm Permastop building blanket. To enable the glasswool insulation blanket to recover to its full nominal thickness, Fletcher Insulation has developed a patented Roof Rack spacer.

Roof Rack spacers are attached to the rollformer’s concealed fixed clips before the unit is fixed to the purlins in the usual manner using self-drilling roofing screws. The Roof Rack can also be used without the roof clip for pierce-fixed applications. Roof Rack cover plates are available, which can be inserted before the roof sheet is installed.

Using Roof Rack as prescribed allows roofers to pull the safety mesh taut, improving both worker safety and the finished appearance on the underside of the roof. Roof Rack is simple to install and, when used in conjunction with Permastop foil-faced roofing blanket, it is the easiest way to achieve compliance with Part J of the BCA.