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Torcido alpaca-fleece carpet is available in 6 natural colours, from deep charcoal to natural white.

Torcido alpaca-fleece carpet

Torcido by Australian carpet manufacturer Velieris is the flagship style of the Alpaca Collection. Made from pure, undyed Alpaca fleece, Torcido is a luxuriously dense cut-pile wall-to-wall tufted broadloom carpet.

Available in an elegant palette of six natural colours from deep charcoal to natural white, the carpet shows to advantage the silky softness of the fibre while being durable and resilient. By eliminating the need to artificially dye the natural alpaca fibre, Velieris carpets save water and release no effluent into the environment.

Velieris natural, undyed Alpaca carpets are an investment in the future, designed to last and age beautifully.