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Vantage touch screen and Webpoint controllers allow control and visual feedback in more detail.

Complex lighting scenes can be quickly created with Vantage software.

The InFusion Controller provides seamless integration of various controls.

A single, stylish Vantage keypad can replace entire rows of switches.

Vantage home automation

For more than 20 years Vantage has been developing and manufacturing home automation systems for luxury residences. Designed to seamlessly combine aesthetics and technology, Vantage systems give home owners unprecedented control over every facet of their lives at home – from extraordinary lighting scenes to effortless comfort controls to thrilling home theatre installations.

Home automation means fully integrated, intelligent control over lighting, comfort, entertainment and security systems. More importantly, it means a home that intuitively understands the occupant’s tastes and expectations, and delivers on them with one-button simplicity.

With Vantage, complex settings involving lighting, music, video, window treatments and temperature are activated with keypads and touch screens that complement the home’s decor. Remote access enables the user to activate, change or monitor the home and home systems from anywhere. A Vantage system makes activities such as watching a movie as effortless as if you had a fully staffed theatre. Music that matches your frame of mind can welcome you at the door. Lights, fountains and ambience can be ready for entertaining at the touch of a button, making the beauty of technology as much a part of the home as the aesthetics of the home itself.

InFusion Controller. The InFusion Controller is one of the most powerful home system controllers on the market. Based on Intel’s Xscale® processor, the controller has superior acceleration and an expansive programming memory capacity to store and execute commands for delay-free control of simple or complex lighting and automation systems.

The controller is specifically designed to offer fast and intuitive installation. The ethernet connection supports full IP connectivity, while five RS-232 ports and up to two RS-485 ports provide enough device connections for initial installation and expansion later. Installers save time and money programming the controller with InFusion Design Center, Vantage’s upgradeable, user-friendly software.

Design Center. InFusion Design Center, the software that accompanies the InFusion Controller, is specifically designed to meet the needs of any project. The simple and intuitive nature of Design Center allows Vantage dealers, with minimal training, to provide a complete solution for the home owner. Managing projects that include lighting, comfort, audio, home theatre and other sub-systems is easier than ever before.

Reports, touch screen templates and system diagnostic tools are included in Design Center for an efficient approach to project design and commissioning.

Keypads. Vantage keypad stations are the primary control points of a Vantage automation system. A single keypad can replace entire rows of standard lighting and low-voltage switches with simple backlit buttons that add a stylish look to any room. The Vantage system offers features such as programmable LEDs that dim or brighten based on time of day, custom engraving to enhance usability, and finishes that complement any interior design.

Touch screens and WebPoint. Vantage touch screens enhance a completely integrated Vantage system. Powered by Vantage’s InFusion Media software, the touch screens are available in a variety of sizes as well as in-wall or portable models. Touch screens provide home owners with immediate access to and control of the entire Vantage experience, including lighting, comfort, entertainment and security with vivid graphic feedback and metadata.

Using Vantage’s Webpoint home owners can gain access to the Vantage control system at home as well as on the go. Using a laptop or a handheld mobile device, such as an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry or Windows Mobile phone, users can manage the entire system from the palm of their hand.