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Omega Building services installed Wolfin and Shockmat waterproofing products at Redfern Oval.

Wolfin waterproofing at Redfern Oval

In use since 1948, Redfern Oval began a reconstruction project in 2007. The high water table of the site (approximately half a metre below ground level) was a significant challenge for the new construction. The change rooms and other service rooms are in the basement, which is 3.5 metres below ground level.

The Wolfin polyester-PVC membrane system was chosen as the waterproofing system for the basement, with 5 mm thick Projex Shockmat as the preferred protection medium for the completed membrane works. Projex Shockmat was chosen because a high-strength, robust yet flexible protection medium was needed, to withstand the bar reinforcing being dragged over it. Shockmat fulfilled these criteria. The Shockmat was laid over the membrane below the floor slabs and against the membrane on the outside walls of the basement prior to backfilling.