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180 Linear Opening Roof by Louvretec

Designed to respond to daily and seasonally changing conditions, Louvretec’s 180 Linear Opening Roof complements the look of today’s modern architecture and at the same time adds functionality to a home or building.

The 180 Linear Opening Roof features flat, rectangular-shaped blades that provide sharp, cleanly defined edges. A tongue and grooved effect is achieved when the opening roof is in the closed position.

Operated by Louvretec’s unique spiral pivot system, the blades rotate through 180 degrees giving a full, no-compromise range of shade and shelter options for all seasons. The spiral pivot system is hidden within a box section, adding to the aesthetics of the 180 Linear Opening Roof.

The 180 Linear Opening Roof is available motorized or hand adjustable. All Louvretec products are custom made to exacting requirements and are fully engineered.