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The dumbwaiter lifts are constructed from approximately 90% pre-installed components.

Easy Living Home Elevators' service lifts

Easy Living Home Elevators specialize in service elevators for vertical transportation in restaurants, hotels, hospitals and private homes. Knowing that every project is unique and requires different weight, travel distance, door type and door openings, Easy Living Home Elevators created 160 options, including stainless steel finishes and a self-supporting tower.

Some handy applications of the dumbwaiter lift include documents lift in offices and banks, books lift in libraries and bookshops, and instruments lift in clinics and hospitals.

The company offer four different types of service lifts for various applications. These include bi-parting doors at serving height (ISO-A), bi-parting doors at floor level (ISO-C), hinged doors at floor level (ISO-D), and cabin with two separate compartments (ISO-Z).

Roughly 90% of the dumbwaiter lifts are constructed from pre-installed components, therefore the installation times are reduced on site by as much as 50%. Thanks to an ingenious method of construction, the dumbwaiter lifts can be used for almost any purpose and can be custom built to specifications.