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The Eternal Stone flooring on display.

The Eternal Wood flooring used in a restaurant setting.

Eternal vinyl by Forbo Flooring

Created with the latest technology, the new Forbo Eternal project vinyl collection offers high design and high performance, with a pure transparent PVC wear layer and PUR Pearl lacquered finish adding to the durability and appearance.

A contemporary colour palette, abstract designs and traditional options extend across five ranges.

The popular Eternal Wood range of dense visual texture and outstanding aesthetics offer traditional and modern options and various plank sizes in high definition for an authentic timber visual.

Eternal Stone captures the sophisticated look of natural stone in a choice of warm-to- cool, light-to-dark tones with a fine metallic sparkle mimicking natural minerals.

Eternal Contrast has a unique graphic design with a contrasting microsphere element scattered in a coloured wear layer of black, white, two grey tones or eight bright colours.

The soil-hiding, salt-and-pepper look of eight best-selling Smaragd designs are now included as part of the Eternal brand. PUR Pearl offers extreme resistance to stains, scratching and scuffing while remaining flexible and matte.

Produced entirely from renewable energy sources, Eternal’s environmental attributes include low VOCs, water-based inks, 100% recyclable and 40% recycled content in the backing.