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Glass sliding doors by Hafele

The stunning glass sliding door system from Häfele, the EKU Porta 100, not only allows specifiers to create the smooth lines that only sliding doors can produce, but it also makes heavy glass doors feel light. And with a range of track types and suspension configurations that are seamless, practical and fully concealed, the EKU Porta 100 will keep your doors gliding reliably for many years to come. Install it for feature doors, counter screens, even office partitions, and transform any home or office into a unique space. The EKU Porta 100 is designed for glass doors weighing up to 100 kg. It’s also part of a wider EKU Porta range catering for both wood and glass doors.

In addition, the EKU Soft Close System, which works together with the EKU Porta 100, is a self-closing mechanism and catch retainer. It ensures that doors close smoothly and quietly, right down to their end position.