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The SIP wall & Corrolink roof panels by Versiclad are used in 8-star Eco System Homes’ construction.

Roof and wall panels by Versiclad

Versiclad structural insulated roof and wall panels are easily incorporated into all forms of construction and are a major contributor to achieving an eight-star energy rating in Eco System Homes’ designs.

Solutions from Versiclad can be tailored to specific project needs. Easy and cost effective to install, Versiclad’s five roof profile options have trafficable free spans up to nine metres and insulation values up to R-5.3, making Versiclad truly versatile.

Versiclad’s structural insulated wall panel (SIP) offers the bracing capacity of OSB, an insulated core coupled together with the structural strength of a hidden internal framing system. The SIP wall can be finished with a variety of cladding options and erected by as few as two people armed with nail guns.