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The Airstage VR-II offers operating options, individual, central and building management control.

Airstage VR-II system by Fujitsu General

The Fujitsu General Airstage VR-II heat recovery system is designed for installation into new and existing commercial premises. The large capacity multi VRF airconditioning system facilitates simultaneous heating and cooling, allowing temperatures to be adjusted to suit the needs of different areas within a building.

This highly efficient system offers several operating options, including individual, central and building management control. A new wired, touch- panel controller can manage up to 16 indoor units with daily/weekly timer options as well as upper and lower temperature limit settings.

Making system design and installation even easier, VR-II includes 12 types of indoor units (55 models in total) ranging in capacity from 2.2kW to 25.0kW.