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Wooden flooring by I Vassalletti is influenced by a passion for wood.

Floors and furniture by I Vassalletti

I Vassalletti products are designed by true wood artists and are exceptional examples of this art.

Creations designed by this Tuscan company are completely bespoke thanks to its workers and the fact that the organization handles every aspect of the process – from design to the final installation.

Works such as wooden flooring, boiseries and furniture take shape from a passion for the wood and from the ability of I Vassalletti to find new ideas and materials – elements that are the fulcrum of the firm.

The planning culture and the internal organization of the firm allow the production of custom-made floorings and furniture based on the customer’s proposal. I Vassalletti works on all aspects of a design, including planning, production, finishing and laying, to create wonderful floors and furniture for all types of projects – from houses to luxury yachts.