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This house features SIP walls and Corrolink roof panels by Versiclad.

Insulated panels by Versiclad

Versiclad structural insulated roof and wall panels are easily incorporated into all forms of construction and can be tailored to specific project needs. They can also easily exceed R values (measure of thermal resistance) attained by traditional construction methods. Versiclad is easy and cost-effective to install, and is truly versatile, offering five roof profile options that have trafficable free spans up to nine metres and insulation values up to R-5.7.

Versiclad’s structural insulated wall panels (SIPs) offer an insulated core coupled with the structural strength of a hidden internal framing system. The SIP wall can be manufactured with a variety of internal and external products to satisfy clients’ aesthetic desires. Architects and designers can reach lock-up stage in less than a week with Versiclad SIPs.