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Polymax Absorb insulation is ideal for use in auditoriums and sports halls.

Polymax Absorb by Martini Industries

Polymax Absorb is a thermally bonded polyester fibre insulation that has been specifically designed to provide high-performance acoustic absorption across a broad range of frequencies.

Polymax Absorb is made in a range of densities: LD (low density), MD (medium density,) HD (high density) and XHD (extra high density). It is also available in a range of thicknesses, with fibres specifically engineered to provide maximum acoustic performance in many diverse commercial, residential, community and industrial applications.

Polymax Absorb is ideal for use behind perforated panelling and ceilings in auditoriums, cinemas, studios and sports halls. It is highly effective at reducing echo in rooms and provides even sound absorption across the speech-range frequencies.