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Velieris uses a unique blend of alpaca wool to create high-quality carpet and rugs.

Pure carpet from Velieris Carpet

Crafted with a unique blend of alpaca wool, Velieris’s carpets and rugs use 100% undyed fibre.

Australian owned and operated, Velieris takes pride in bringing together luxury fibres and sustainable processes to produce high-quality carpet collections. Blended with Australian and imported alpaca fleece and naturally coloured wool fibres, the Velieris carpet and rug ranges are fast becoming a popular choice for Australian architects and designers.

Velieris has developed a luxurious shag pile range that will offer timeless elegance to any room. Alpaca fibres are proven to be higher in abrasive wear than wool and are renowned for performance in carpets, meaning the deep pile and shaggy appearance will stay true to their original form and the carpet will keep its soft luxurious feel for years to come.