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Sunworker fabrics from Dickson

Whether you’ve got large glass surfaces or streamlined interiors looking for a touch of originality, a combination of aesthetic appeal and technical performance is needed for effective, long-lasting solar protection. Sunworker fabrics by Dickson provide economical, environmentally friendly alternatives that not only incorporate high-quality design, but also comply with the latest building standards.

Sunworker fabrics are stylish, practical micro-ventilated fabrics that regulate the temperature under an awning, in summer and in winter. The Rachel Trameur weaving method allows the threads to move independently so the fabric resists tearing, even when under tension. The consistent, micro- perforated structure lets fabric breathe, and the Plastisol coating keeps it looking clean and new for years. Classified M1, this solar protection is also highly fire-retardant. Sunworker fabrics are available in 21 styles and an array of fashionable colours.