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Barrisol microperforated acoustic ceilings is used at the refurbished Brisbane City Hall dome.

Barrisol microperforated acoustic ceilings is used at Federation Square, Melbourne.

Acoustic ceilings from Barrisol

Barrisol ceilings with invisible microperforations provide exceptional acoustic performance without compromising the design.

Each microperforation is just 0.1–0.3 mm in diameter, with 300,000 to 500,000 microperforations per square metre. Ceiling panels are not restricted to fixed panel sizes or shapes, with single custom ceiling panels up to 40 square metres, relying only on a perimeter rail to keep it in place.

With an NRC rating of up to 0.95, Barrisol is a smart architectural acoustic building product for any space that requires acoustic performance – it is ideal for use in auditoriums, offices, churches, foyers, lecture theatres, meeting rooms and restaurants. Barrisol can supply acoustic test results (NRC/SAA) for over 200 ceiling setups for acoustic engineering requirements. The sound absorption works by converting sound energy into thermal energy through friction with the microperforations, thereby reducing room reverberation.

Barrisol microperforated acoustic solutions are available across the entire Barrisol range of 230 colours and 18 finishes, including gloss, satin, matt, metallic, recycled and backlit translucent.