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Pandomo by Ardex colour is used to extend art to the floors of Atelier Lois Renner, Austria.

Colour trends from Pandomo by Ardex

Pandomo by Ardex has revealed upcoming colour trends for Australian interior concrete wall and flooring finishes, for 2013/2014.

“A much stronger sense of ‘Australian’ style is beginning to emerge. It’s focused on maximizing space and light, presenting a clean, minimalist and industrial tone; whilst also striking out to capture bold accents of colour to provide contrasting focal points. We are excited to watch it mature,” said Ardex sales and marketing manager Fabian Morgan.

The colour trends feature minimalist and industrial greys to provide a sense of space; off-whites to enhance natural light; glowing beiges and earthy browns to imbue warmth; bold accents of colour to highlight focal points; and an increasing imprint of brand in the working environment

Pandomo’s floor and wall finishing systems provides home owners, interior designers and architects with a smooth, crack-and-impact-resistant canvas on which to build their vision. Pandomo transforms disjointed walls and floors, and delivers a seamless openness to every surface it touches.