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The A40 drainage system is one of a range of architectural drainage systems from Aquabocci.

Drainage systems by Aquabocci

Aquabocci has developed five drainage systems that are available in over 200 anodized colours.

Founded by an industrial designer, the company launched the A40 drainage system in 2010 and each year since has brought an innovative new product to the market: the Aquabocci WunderGrip CSIRO R-13 non-slip lid; the A100 deep-tray drainage system; the S66 shallow-tray drainage system; and The Blade by Aquabocci – a cutting-edge designer channel drain which is a new concept to the world market. Aquabocci Custom allows architects and designers to choose from 200 anodized colours.

Architects and designers are encouraged to keep an eye out for further versatile channel drainage systems from Aquabocci.