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Updated information on FireBan One sealant is now available from Bostik.

FireBan One sealant information from Bostik

Bostik has released updated FireBan One information, complete with CSIRO certification. It’s visually attractive and easy to read, and a must-have tool for designers, specifiers and contractors.

Bostik Fireban One sealant is one part polyurethane, and is designed for sealing joints and wall penetrations that are subject to high movement and high humidity, or require up to four hours fire-rating compliance.

Features include smooth gunnability and tool off finish; excellent adhesion to metal, wood, plasterboard and masonry; it is paintable and non staining; 50% joint movement; water and weather proof; high acoustic properties; CSIRO tested and certified; and it is fire rated for up to four hours (AS 1530.4-2005).

For copies of the FireBan One information and for further details, fill out the enquiry card.