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This house features the Monier Nouveau tile in Onyx.

Nouveau tile from CSR Bricks & Roofing

The push towards using basic raw materials, in particular the popularity of terracotta, has manifested as one of the biggest trends this spring – and Monier has brought terracotta into the modern day with the Nouveau tile.

With all the benefits that terracotta tiles give, the Nouveau tile has a unique, modern profile that’s sleek and sturdy with a unique satin finish. Terracotta (literally meaning “baked earth” in Italian) is a natural claybased ceramic that can be glazed or unglazed and is extremely hard-wearing and versatile. Terracotta has been used throughout history as a roofing material, and when it comes to performance and colour, it is long lasting.

Monier terracotta roof tiles have outstanding depth and intensity of colour that won’t fade, as each tile is glazed and fired at a temperature of over 1000 degrees Celsius, baking the colour right into the tile and enabling it to withstand time and harsh weather conditions. Monier terracotta tiles are salt safe so they are able to endure the wind, spray and salt of the ocean and won’t corrode.

Monier terracotta roof tiles are available in various profiles and each profile has a choice of colours, offering a variety of design solutions.