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Ideal for high acoustic performance, the Elevate Series 646 aluminium framing system has high water resistance.

Elevate Series 646 aluminium framing from AWS

The Elevate Series 646 is a new purpose-designed aluminium framing system for high acoustic performance, with an RW of 51. The Elevate SoundOut FrontGlaze shopfront framing system with 20.5-mm-wide glazing pocket is designed to accept glass up to 13.38 mm thick with a 10-mm bite.

The 24-mm-deep glazing pocket allows 20 mm for pocketing the glass and 4 mm for tolerances and installation clearance. The 150 mm × 50 mm framing system is designed for sound reduction, with glass on external and internal faces. 

The system has very high water resistance. It has been successfully tested at 1275 Pa water resistance with standard interlocking mullion.