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Hebel PowerFloor by CSR Hebel

The combination of strength, thermal and acoustic insulation properties makes Hebel PowerFloor an ideal choice for first floor and suspended ground floors, as well as decks and balconies.

An excellent solid base for ceramic tiles, polished timber floors or carpet, the PowerFloor system is made of thick, steel-reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete panels that fit snugly together and are installed over conventional joists to form a strong, smooth floor.

Easily installed by onsite trades, PowerFloor’s thermal efficiency reduces the reliance on heating and cooling appliances, and reduces sound transmission between floors resulting in a more quiet, peaceful home. It also eliminates the creaking and bouncing often associated with standard particleboard.

You can design and build with Hebel, secure in the knowledge that Hebel products and systems are designed and developed in Australia and warranted by CSR – one of Australia’s oldest and most trusted companies.

Hebel – better by design.