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Moly-Poly pivots by Angle-Shoe

Moly-Poly pivots are made by Angle-Shoe in Canberra. Engineered Nylon ensures smooth, robust durability (polyamide/molybdenum blend). They have been designed for 35 mm (1 3/8”) hollow core doors to 35 kg (70 pounds). 

Moly-Poly pivots facilitate crisp, square-set plasterboard detailing for affordable residential projects. They can eliminate traditional door frames, architraves and reduce painting costs to roller work. Rare earth magnets, to secure a door closed, can also eliminate the need for a latch and lever handle set. The pivot geometry fulfils the WC compartment rescue needs of the Building Code NCC F2.5(b)(i) where a toilet pan is less than 1,200 mm from a doorway. Moly-Poly pivot hinged doors can open both in and out to comply.