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Logicwall and Rediwall by CSR AFS

"Smarter permanent formwork for above- and below-ground application.

AFS Logicwall: Fibre-cement based system. Blade, boundary and party walls, facades, corridors, balustrades, lift and stair shafts.

  • Speed of construction, fast floor cycles
  • Reduced cranage, site handling and waste
  • Reduced structural footprint
  • Efficient load bearing walls, high quality concrete finish
  • AS3600 compliant and CodeMark certified.

AFS Rediwall: Basements, columns, partywalls, retention tanks, lift and stair shafts, retaining walls, service pits.

  • Speed of construction, low or no waste
  • Ease of installation, lightweight and durable
  • Load bearing, versatile application
  • AS3600 compliant
  • Water resistant."