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The ntgrate range of premium woven vinyl flooring is a marriage of craftsmanship and high-tech innovation.

GEO Flooring offers ntgrate in an expansive colour palette across six styles.

Premium woven vinyl flooring from GEO Flooring

GEO Flooring proudly presents ntgrate, a new generation of flooring that combines the art of weaving with today’s innovative techniques – craftsmanship meets high-tech.

Engineered for intensive commercial use, ntgrate is maintenance friendly as it repels dirt easily, always leaving it looking fresh and new, day after day, night after night.

The unique designs and trendy characteristics let professionals combine to their heart’s content, from rough and rugged to wonderfully subdued, to create the perfect atmosphere for interior projects.

Whichever colour or collection is chosen, it will always be “green” with ntgrate, which strives for zero waste. A state-of-the-art filtering system turns all flue gases into clean air, power is from green energy sources, raw materials sourced are REACH-compliant and harmless, and chemicals are phthalate-free. These stringent quality demands result in flooring with a long life cycle. Choosing ntgrate means choosing a sustainably designed product that will last.

The ntgrate range is available now from GEO Flooring in six styles – Fair, Noble, Brave, Strong, Gentle and Wild – and with a colour palette in which the only creative limit is where the user draws the line.