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Blindspace from Shade Factor can be easily integrated into window and skylight installations, seamlessly concealing automated blinds.

A discreet slot is the only evidence of the Blindspace boxes when the shades are retracted.

Blindspace shade concealment from Shade Factor

Automation in homes and commercial buildings has been gaining more and more momentum over the past few decades.

Shade Factor has grown to become one of the leaders in providing external sun shading systems and automation over the past twenty years, and now has a solution to offer architects and designers increased flexibility in creating seamless, clean finishes for interior spaces.

Blindspace is a unique solution for concealing blinds in ceilings and walls that can be easily integrated into window and skylight installations. Blindspace boxes are mounted in a recess and have a hinged cover flap that allows access to the blinds while concealing them when closed. All that can be seen is a discreet slot from which blinds extend into the room, resulting in clean, uninterrupted surfaces.