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Lightcycle lamp by Dyson

No other light does all of this.

Tracks local daylight
Provides the right type of light for the time of day. Uses a unique time, date and GPS-driven algorithm. Software validation supported by data samples selected from over a million atmospheric measurements of natural light.

Maintains light quality for 60 years
Heat Pipe technology cools the LEDs, protecting light quality for decades.

Auto-adjusts to surrounding light
Ambient light sensor detects changes in background light, keeping your workspace at a constant brightness.

Senses motion to save energy
Activates the light when presence is detected and switches it off after two minutes of no movement.

Delivers powerful, uniform light up to 1000 lux
Helps improve visual acuity.

Protects from glare
Split-level reflector shields your eyes from the light source.

Reduces flicker to less than 1%
Driver powers the LEDs using a stable current waveform.

Provides high CRI
Colour rendering index of 90 or above.

Connects for personalisation
Intelligently adjusts for your age, task and daily routine. Controlled by the Dyson Link app.

Colour tunes
Simulates a wide range of daylight colour temperatures: 2700 K – 6500 K.