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The stainless steel Cameo mirror includes a built-in shelf and LED backlights.

Cameo progressive backlit LED mirror

Parisi supplies the new Cameo progressive backlit LED mirror, which features a stylish stainless steel frame and a built-in shelf with a modern design. The frame and shelf can match the latest design trends thanks to four finish options: ‘Brushed Brass,’ ‘Brushed Nickel,’ ‘Fucile’ and ‘Polished Chrome.’ 

At 600 mm × 840 mm, the oblong Cameo progressive LED mirror thinks outside the square. Cameo also includes a defogger and backlit LED lighting with a soft-touch button to set the light’s warmth, ensuring ease and functionality. Touching the button turns on the light, while gently holding the switch gradually changes the tone from cool to warm.

The Cameo progressive backlit mirror is suitable only for vertical installations.