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Gaggenau’s domestic steam ovens are designed to be the centrepiece of the home.

A self-cleaning function keeps the oven’s interior pristine.

Gaggenau combi-steam ovens bring professional results home.

Gaggenau combi-steam ovens

Having introduced the steam oven to the private kitchen 21 years ago, Gaggenau has continued to refine and innovate, ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of modern and professional cooking results in the home kitchen. To achieve those results, the new Gaggenau 400 and 200 Series combi-steam ovens are capable of steaming, baking, cooking, braising, grilling, simmering, regenerating and more.

Previously only offered in the 400 series, a fixed water supply for optimal steam cooking results is now available in both the 400 and 200 Series’ combi-steam ovens. These are also the only domestic combi-steam ovens that have a fully automatic self-cleaning system to return the oven to its pristine condition once the home cook has created a pièce de résistance.

Each of these ovens will more than satisfy the most demanding of chefs with reassuring professional characteristics at every turn. The enlarged cavity, cleverly lit by indirect lighting, conceals a full-surface grill behind glass for ease of cleaning and aesthetic appeal. These ovens also have automatic programs, which offer culinary assistance that the home chef can adjust with intuitive TFT controls, to create a more personalized cooking experience.

Gaggenau believes that it is important to make the kitchen the staple of the home; for this reason, the avant-garde yet timeless design of its ovens distinguish the home and make the kitchen a remarkable space in which to host guests. The art of Gaggenau is the experience, we implore you to push the culinary boundaries and see the Gaggenau difference.