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When retracted, the Terrea 700s awning is completely flush with the facade.

A wide variety of options for frames and fabrics makes it easy to customize the Terrea 700s awning from Warema.

Seamless facades from Shade Factor

The Terrea 700s awning from Warema offers designers the possibility to incorporate outdoor shading that is fully concealed behind a matched facade panel. A protective shell maintains the condition of the fabric and operating mechanisms against UV, rain and dust when the awning is not in use, preserving the fabric colour and condition. Each awning is custom-sized and configured to individual design requirements; there are endless fabric possibilities and 256 frame colours to choose from. Expert design assistance and Warema planning tools ensure an accurate and seamless integration of the awning and the facade.

A unique positioning system perfectly locates the facade panel in its parked position, and each panel can be custom-finished in matching or complementary finishes. The Warema 700s is available with the full range of Warema intelligent controls, including sun and wind sensoring, remote control, a mobile app and home automation compatibility.