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Glassworks laminates Sefar Architecture Vision, a quality mesh, and built environment professionals (such as architects and designers) can specify glass type, including extra clear and toughened, in any thickness to suit all projects.

Sefar Architecture Vision from Glassworks

Architects can create unique looks with customizable Sefar Architecture Vision – a quality mesh laminated in glass. Stunning results have been achieved for commercial interiors, including balustrades, wall cladding and partitions, with no two projects looking alike. The mesh comes in three standard colours – ‘Aluminium,’ ‘Printed Gold’ and ‘Printed Copper’ – and four densities and apertures, and it can be double-sided or single-sided for one-way privacy. Glassworks welcomes enquiries about its unique custom laminating capabilities using Sefar mesh and other structural or decorative interlayers.