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Beautiful and sustainable, Tasmanian Oak flooring from Tasmanian Timber is available in two grades: prime and classic.

Tasmanian Oak in prime and classic grades

Tasmanian Oak is a product of exceptional beauty from a place like nowhere else. Tasmania grows more than many people imagine; on this small island, a combination of magnificent wood and cutting-edge innovation has produced some of the finest timbers in the world. Most importantly, sustainable forest management practices ensure that necessary natural resources are available now and into the future.

Tasmanian Oak flooring is durable and stable, and it’s available in two aesthetically beautiful grades: prime and classic. Classic is a high-feature grade, visually enhanced by the natural characteristics of timber, while prime-grade Tasmanian Oak provides a more uniform look with minimal features.

Flooring from Tasmanian Timber suppliers is machined, finished and packaged to the highest quality under Australian Standard AS2796.2, and it is certified sustainable by Responsible Wood. It is also independently audited by the Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood at the University of Tasmania for specified grade, moisture content, form and compliance.