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A new facade material has landed

Meet EQUITONE [lunara], the new addition to the EQUITONE range of fibre cement materials.

A through coloured, high density material, the panel embodies an honest and pure appearance. With its unique texture, the surface of the panel is determined by a randomized surface treatment, which means no recurring pattern and no two panels being the same.

Each facade is unique.

Naturally occuring colour differences are accentuated by the surface, as the extraordinary look and feel emphasizes the originality of the fibre cement material and forms a consistent and unmistakable aesthetic throughout.

EQUITONE [lunara] can be transformed into any size or shape in the workshop or on-site. The material can also be perforated, engraved, or routed.

Suitable for rear-ventilated curtain facades on all building types and heights and can be easily mounted onto timber or metal substructures using tried and tested fastening systems.

No matter what design options you explore, the nature of EQUITONE assures crisp, monolithic details.

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