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The range is available in five fully packaged, ready-to-install units.

The Sanifos Inground Pump Chamber range has proven successful in Europe, where the product originates.

In-ground pump chamber range – Sanifos

Saniflo’s latest offering is a range of Sanifos in-ground pump chambers. With five ready-to-install units available, the range is suitable for both residential and commercial installations.

Sanifos 280GR has a grinder pump for household waste, including sewerage, and is ideal for small houses and granny flats, providing a complete waste solution.

Sanifos 610GR also has a grinder pump for waste such as sewerage, and is suitable for managing waste for large houses.

Sanifos 610SLD is a version for stormwater. The high-volume SLD pump clears stormwater fast and is suitable for a variety of applications, including commercial underground carparks.

Sanifos 1300GR has two grinder pumps for added peace of mind. The motors are dual cycle and switch between the two pumps so that over the life of the unit, both are fully utilized.

Sanifos 1000+ has three tank size options and is designed for large buildings such as office blocks, warehouses and dwellings.