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Redwood is a sinuous addition that billows down a steep site on Sydney Harbour. Architect: Chenchow Little. Photography: Peter Bennetts.

Insights into what clients really want

What keeps clients up at night? What additional services would they like to see architectural practices provide?

The answers to these questions, along with other candid insights, are contained in the 2021 Client Feedback Report released by the Australian Institute of Architects.

Findings are based on a research study that examines the attitudes, satisfaction levels and opportunities for future growth in the client and architect relationship.

The insights support architectural practices in identifying constructive pathways to greater client satisfaction, and the evidence-based data can be used to better shape value propositions for stronger outcomes.

The report demonstrates the client’s perspective on topics such as selection criteria and service expectations, value proposition, performance, and design review.

Of the findings: clients rank effective communication most important in their relationship with an architect; 61% of respondents prefer fixed price agreements over other fee structures; and most believe that architectural services represent good value.