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Air-Cell insulation is a clean, safe, fibre-free solution.

Air-Cell insulation

Air-Cell, Australia’s leading thermo-reflective insulation brand, is fibre-free and non-allergenic, and does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In addition, Air-Cell does not have any ozone-depleting substances (ODPs) in either the finished product or in the manufacturing process.

As a clean insulation alternative to conventional bulk fibre insulation, Air-Cell is the ideal thermal solution for developments such as schools, hospitals, and aged-care facilities.

Flexible and versatile, Air-Cell has products suited to various roof and wall applications, with solutions for BCA Section J compliance.

Air-Cell was the first insulation manufacturer to achieve CodeMark compliance to the BCA and AS/NZS 4859.1 – considered the building industry’s highest level of product conformance.