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Environmentally friendly T3 Green softwood provides protection against termites and fungal attack.

T3 outdoor softwood

Hyne’s range of quality T3 Green softwood features a non-toxic treatment to protect against fungal and termite attack for simple specification across all above-ground external applications. It’s a simple solution for structural timber protection in the outdoors. Hyne T3 Green is an attractive softwood with the structural integrity suitable for pergolas, carports, verandahs or decks.

Hyne T3 Green is also mechanically graded (MGP10), which is reportedly a more reliable test for stiffness and bending strength than the visual F-grading of Australian and imported pine. T3 Green will out-span F5 and F7 grades in most structural applications and features an H3 level of treatment for termite and fungal attack that is totally non-toxic.