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Masterton Homes’ Steve Jackman demonstrates the value of Mitek Truss Spacers to his business.

Mitek Truss Spacers

Steve Jackman, builder manager with New South Wales’ Masterton Homes, says there should be no short cuts when it comes to on-site safety. “Mitek Truss Spacers come with two immediate advantages; first, they improve safety on-site, and second, they speed up truss erection. That’s a win–win for us.”

Mitek Truss Spacers accurately and effortlessly position and temporarily hold trusses in place during construction (as required by AS 4440-2004, the code for installation of nail-plated timber trusses). As Jackman says, “Mitek Truss Spacers are a commonsense solution to a long-time problem working at heights. They’ve really caught on with our builders!”