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Australian landscape and pastoral heritage colours shaped the new Prospect street furniture range.

Prospect street and park furniture

Prospect by Botton and Gardiner is a new range of street and park furniture comprising seats, benches, tables, bollards, drinking fountains and bike racks. The range is characterized by its asymmetrical cantilever construction, which references both the structural patterns in nature (the way plant material springs from the earth, for example, or the broad‐reaching boughs of forest eucalypts) and contemporary architectural expression.

The materials feature precast concrete with a washed aggregate finish reflecting the natural weathered sandstone of the Western Sydney Parklands, for which the range was originally designed. DuraSlat in weathered grey and galvanized steel components was inspired by the silver colour of Australian gums and also remnants of Australia’s pastoral heritage – weathered hardwood fencing and rural structures in corrugated iron and weathered hardwood.