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The slats of the Sunbather Security Blanket interlock to easily support the weight of a toddler.

Sunbather's security blanket

Pool covers save water. They also reduce chemical consumption and cut condensation and corrosion on indoor pools while keeping outdoor pools cleaner.

Sunbather is famous for solar pool heating and developed its thermal covers to lock in heat and double the swimming season – and to save even more energy. For many reasons, pool covers should be mandatory on every pool; but often they are not specified because they were thought of as awkward and ugly.

Now Sunbather’s Security Blanket has changed all that. It looks clean and sculptured when extended across the pool. And the underground model fully retracts into a slot at the end of the pool, allowing it to disappear from sight. Even the above-ground model looks clean and solid.

More than just good looking, the Security Blanket is accepted internationally as a proven safety device, offering even greater security and peace of mind than the mandatory pool fence. Rigid floating slats interlock to easily support the weight of a small animal or a toddler, and a key-lock operating mechanism ensures that nobody enters the pool without consent.

And manhandling awkward pool covers is a thing of the past. The Security Blanket is fully automatic and remote controlled. It’s the future of swimming pools and is already an essential part of today’s award-winning pool designs.