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Christie Parksafe's groundbreaking CCQ park barbecue.

CCQ barbecue from Christie Parksafe

Christie’s groundbreaking CCQ park barbecues have been acknowledged by Good Design Australia for setting new standards for safety, efficiency and ease of operation, and has received a Design Award at the 2013 Australian International Design Awards.

More than a hotplate, CCQ is a complete cooktop – a totally self-contained cooking appliance. Architects and designers can drop a CCQ into any bench structure that meets minimum safety requirements.

Easy to install, operate, clean and service, CCQ is a smart park barbecue with an active control system that uses precise and reliable solid-state temperature sensing. Available in electric models, CCQ leads the trend toward gas as the most environmentally responsible fuel. CCQ is approved for both outdoor and indoor use, and is tested and certified to commercial catering appliance standards.